Yay communication in style!

>> Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chris and I got new phones yesterday. He was going to try and get me a Centro PDA but they were very expensive so he got me the next best affordable thing! A Rumor by LG. We got the little black ones and I just love the slide down keyboard! It does pictures and video, music and all the regular stuff. I love that it fits in my adorable Vera Bradley Cell holder(which a PDA would not) so I can keep it nice and clean.

We got a great deal thanks to Chris's friend Jesse so props to him! I wish it was sunny outside, I would put some pics and video of my kids. In the mean time, I did the most ghetto thing I could think of... I took pics of my background on my monitor! It looks almost like real!

Now off to download some ringtones!

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