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>> Monday, May 12, 2008

There is very few video games I enjoy playing. I like GTA and I have a CSI game that I enjoy but Sims is a different story.

I love my little people with their weird language and urgent demands to go to the bathroom. I love to dress them, make them DTD, get pregnant and have more sims! I guess it all goes back to the days when I played with Barbies. Really this isn't any different except it's on a computer.

Now for those who don't know much about the sims games it is quiet simple. You get the basic game(Sims2) and then you can get add-on expansion packs which take the original game to much higher levels. University for your teens to get a good education and later on a great job. Nightlife for a fun evening out on the town maybe some bowling or ice skating, maybe just dinner with a new friend. Open for Business lets you create your own little entrepreneurship, even lemonade stands for the kids. Pets allows you to adopt cats, dogs, hamsters and birds. Seasons was a great add on as it created a time frame of years in your game. Winter is fun for snowball fights, raking piles of leaves to jump into in Autumn, gardening in the spring and summer.

For Mothers Day, my loving husband got me the two newest expansions. Bon Voyage adds a wonderful holiday getaway to your Sims life, because even they need a break! And Free Time which allows your Sims new and fun ways to build up their skills and hobbies.

To live the Sims life, you first created your subject or family if you wish. You can move them into a pre-built house or build one for them. The object of the game is simple. Choose a life path for them, be it family, romance, wealth, intelligence or a few others I can't remember right now. They need your normal basic needs. A comfortable place to sleep, a place to eat and cook meals, a bathroom with shower and toilet, some sort of entertainment, social interactions with friends and neighbors and career building skills.

Your Sim needs to support him or herself somehow. The daily newspaper offers 3 jobs as well as the internet. In order to move up in your career you need to keep your sims happy, fed, energized and skilled. Skills can be built up by reading books on cleaning, cooking and mechanics. Creating a masterpiece builds your creative side. Practicing the big speech in the mirror helps build charisma. Exercising to the tv or radio, doing yoga or buying some machines help keep your sim lean and trim!

This game never ends because there is always a new aspect being added to it, new family members being born and friendships made.

Sims is a great game and anyone who liked playing with Barbies or GI Joes as a child would probable love it as much as I do. Now, go forth and Sim!

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