Meat Meat Meat Meat

>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First I would like to apologize to any vegetarians out there for my following post. I am a carnivore, I love a good steak, love chicken and enjoy a pork chop now and then. Bacon, ham, beef stew, it's all good.

Last Saturday, Chris and I went to a local butcher. It is a small family run Mom and Pop business, supplied by the local farms. Organic, free range, tasty tasty meat. When we first walked in, we were a little overwhelmed. Not really sure what we wanted exactly, we could of picked from the small meat case or order a package to be cut to our own specifications. We decided on a combo package which includes beef steaks, roasts, stew meat, hamburger, pork roast, chops, ham, bacon, spareribs, italian sausage, whole roasting and frying chickens, and chicken breasts. The whole package of 62lbs came to $200 dollars. We requested a porterhouse steak to be cut right away and the rest to be picked up tomorrow. I am so thankful for our freezer. We would never be able to save this

We came home, Chris fired up the grill and cooked the most amazing steak we've ever had. It was almost sweet, buttery and oh so tender. Oh meat how I love thee!


The jewels of my life

>> Friday, March 19, 2010

After almost a year, I decided to drag out the backdrop and take a few photos of the kids. We haven't been able to get all my photoshop goodies off my old computer yet so I didn't play around with these.


I will be digital(-ly creative) once again

>> Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Almost a year ago, after moving into our new house, my computer's power supply decided to kick the bucket. I had all of my digital art supplies on that computer. For the past year, I've been completely out of touch with my creative side.

My wonderful sweet husband just found a very reasonably priced external hard drive for me, with the promise he will pull my old hard drive and hook it up to our new computer. We will take all of my supplies, the kids photos and my digital recourse bookmarks and put them onto the new external. This will leave the old hard drive available to be reformatted as a backup.

By next week I will be back! Editing photos, making cards, creating scrapbook pages and of course doing siggies for my message board friends. It feels so good to be creative again, I have ideas already for many projects! The search for new fun (FREE) kits will begin soon!


Will Pride be the boost I need?

>> Monday, March 1, 2010

I am so proud to be Canadian and so proud of my country. The last 17 days have been amazing! I wasn't able to watch every event but I did my best. The USA/Canada Hockey game was by far the most intense moment of the Olympics. What a fantastic game played by both teams!

I'm inspired to get passports for myself and my kids because I really need a trip back home. Hopefully, we can make the trip by next summer. Elizabeth was too young to remember her visit but I think by next year, both kids will be old enough to take. There is a lot that goes into a trip this far, first being both kids making the 3 flights it will take. Going to customs is always a treat and then of course there is switching planes and making the next flights. I really want to do it but am terrified at the same time. I hope making the first steps of getting our passports will go smoothly and we can start preparing and planning. I need to thank Vancouver and the Olympics for giving me the homesickness I needed to get myself motivated for a trip home.


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