Something STINKS in my backyard!

>> Monday, May 26, 2008

I will try and keep this as family friendly as I can but I am totally grossed out!

I share a house with another older couple who have a dog and basically have been a PITA since we moved in here. One thing after another. The first summer we were here, we had landlord fence off a small area for her little dog to poop in and stay OFF the lawn where Elizabeth played. We have a nice big yard and they are welcome to use it just NO DOGS!

I went down today to hang up laundry and water my strawberries and I find not one..not two but FIVE piles of dog poop!! GROSS!! It is all deep in the nice lush grass(where I was going to set the little kiddie pool up today).

A few weeks ago, I asked our landlord to fence off the driveway with a gate so the kids wouldn't go near the cars when they were playing. He hasn't yet and now I am really irritated. I know if the fence was up, we would have a poop free yard still.

I am positive it was downstairs people's dog or a friend of theirs but even if it was just a stray, the point is, NO POOP IN THE BACK YARD!!

I left a message for him to call me back immediately.

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