Death of a turtle

>> Thursday, September 25, 2008

While we were waiting for Elizabeth's bus yesterday, a turtle came crawling up the sidewalk. Now, this wasn't a normal "wild" turtle, you know the big snapping kind they have around here but rather looked like someone's pet turtle. It was very clean and didn't smell at all.

I picked him up, thinking it was probably belonged to the neighbors son, and put him in the grass in front of their house so it wouldn't get into the street. The yard is surrounded by bushes so I figured it would be safe there.

At 3, when it was time to pick her up at the bus stop, I remembered Mr. Turtle. I crossed the street to see if he was still in the yard when I almost stepped in him... or what was him. He did wander into the street and was crunched badly.

Now I was very upset about this poor turtle. Not really because it was just some turtle but I am sure it was someONE's turtle! I'm guessing he was probably put in the yard thinking he would be OK and eat grass. I regret not putting the turtle in our own fenced back yard :(


New words a la Christopher

>> Monday, September 22, 2008

Whaddyadoing? (What are you doing?)
donno (I don't know)
Ahbeth (Elizabeth)
Bob it! (Stop it!.. Usually said Bobit Ahbeth!!)
Barrymalk push (Strawberry Milk, Please!)
Dunnit (Doughnut)
Hungee (Hungry)
Bafist (Breakfast)
Tit (Teeth)
Bush (Bus)c
Dink (Drink)
Sool (School)
Coom (Vacuum)
Beevee (TV)
Boovie (Movie)
Sary (Sorry)

LOL He is coming along and I am learning his language quickly!


Cider Doughnuts make the world go round....

>> Sunday, September 21, 2008

We went to the Orchard today to get some apples, cider and cider doughnuts. We also got some fudge; huckleberry, blueberry, blackberry and strawberry preserves. Oh this amazing southwest dip and buckwheat honey. What was suppose to be a nice day to visit a couple orchards didn't turn out exactly as planned but was fun none the less!
We did try to go to Bowman Orchard but the line for parking was down the street in both directions! Since we didn't get any cider originally at Altamont, we stopped at the diviest of dives for lunch then went back for a 1/2 gallon of cider. Chris LOVES cider and he declared theirs to be the best he's ever had! We are thinking about another trip out there next weekend and possibly try and get into Bowman's during the week! An afterthought about the buckwheat honey. We bought it because it is suppose to be good for coughs and I have one heck of a cough right now. This stuff is nasty. Chris likes it but it is very very strong tasting. I tried some in my tea and instead of adding a nice sweetness to it, all I could taste was the buckwheat. It may be great for sickness but not a pleasant sweetener!


Random post

>> Saturday, September 20, 2008

I thought I would stick some random words in here just to break up the two photo posts that I mistakenly did wrong. The photos were all messed up down the side. I hope this helps and if not, well we could all use a little random Bran in our day!


Just freaking great!

>> Friday, September 19, 2008

Chris parked on the street last night because our landlord had his truck in the drive. This morning he went to go to work and saw that. No one around. Thought it was a hit and run.

He came up and got the camera, took pics just as car pulled up and a little old lady, her husband and this young guy got out. They were the ones that hit our car.

Apparently, there was a dump truck in the way, the little old lady tried to go around without seeing if the path was clear or not. The young guy was in his truck in the open lane. She hit him forcing him into our car. When we had come down, they were gone because she was nice enough to take this guy and his kid to drop the kid off at school then came back.

So the Police came, the old lady was found at fault for failing to pass safely or something.

We are waiting for a tow truck to take our car in and a rental. The guy hit our car and bent the steering mount. Bleh


8 hours...

>> Monday, September 15, 2008

98 levels... Between the two of us, and I'll admit right now it was mostly Chris, we completed Super Mario World on the Wii yesterday! Super Mario World came out in 1992 and neither of us had played it in YEARS and YEARS!
It was fun to play and remember all the old secrets! Chris knew way more then I did of course! He is like the Rainman of video games!


Panic! at the bus stop

>> Friday, September 12, 2008

Yesterday, Elizabeth was put on the wrong bus. She didn't get off at our stop and I started to panic. I called the school, the Principal tracked her down and the bus she was on came back to our stop and dropped her off. It was 15 minutes of hell for me!

Today, I called the Principal to ask why she was put on the wrong bus and she said that they take the kids to the cafe to wait for the buses and she got mixed in with the wrong kids, and put on their bus. From now on, the preschool kids(at least) will stay in their room until the buses come and will be taken by the aid from there so they aren't mixed in with 120 other kids.

She apologized again and said that NEVER should of happened and it will never happen again!


What a day!

>> Thursday, September 11, 2008

We had such a busy day yesterday!

We got Elizabeth on the bus at 11am, hopped in the car and headed to walmart. We needed to return the bassinet we got for Christopher because of a recall. Not bad since I was trying to sell it for 45 bucks and the return got us 80!
After that we headed over to BJ's and got the very last Wii in the whole freaking area! I had called all around the day before and BJ's was the only place to have it! When I called, they had two left. When we got there yesterday only one and boy we were lucky because a woman came in line behind us...looking for the same thing!!

Wii in hand(or trunk rather) we headed over to Burlington Coat Factory to get some more uniforms for Elizabeth! We were happy because they just restocked so I got her a pair of navy pants, two more button down white shirts and two more of the blue tennis dress she loves! We also got Christopher two pairs of 24 month jammies. I hope he gets a growth spurt soon because they are about 4-5 inches too long LOL

We headed home and got to the bus stop about 15 mins before she got off. We sat with the other moms, one who handed out lollipops which made Christopher feel like a bad ass because he never had one before. After Elizabeth got off, we headed over to walmart to pick up my prescription, hair ties for Elizabeth, and a wireless router system.

At home, Chris hooked us all up to the wireless. His computer, mine and also the PS3 and Wii!

At 6:30 we had Elizabeth's Pre-K orientation. It was nice but these two women beside Chris would NOT SHUT UP! And one was a real loud mouth! Elizabeth's teach Ms. Fura has a small voice to begin with and with these two ladies talking and about 5 kids that were running around, we could barely hear her! I was proud of Chris though, because he looked ready to go off on the women. Of course when question time came Loud Mouth had to ask questions that Ms. Fura JUST talked about!

We were only out for an hour, came home, gave the kids a hotdog and put them off to bed. It was Wii time for Chris and I!

Along with the Wii Sports, we got three other games when we bought the Wii but you can also download games in the Wii! Chris being totally retro had to get old school Mario 1, 2 and 3! Memories! It has been at least 10 since either of us had played the original Super Mario Brothers but we still remembered all the hidden the first two levels LOL. I need to Thank my parents for such a fun amazing toy! Now I'm off to play the boxing game. That is a workout in itself and I love it! Very fun!



>> Monday, September 8, 2008

Since Elizabeth goes to a Magnet school, they have a strict dress code. This means uniforms.

Yesterday started off as the shopping day from hell but ultimately didn't end too bad!
Everyone told me to go to Target for uniforms, but they were out. Old Navy next, nada! Chris suggested Burlington Coat Factory as a long shot and since our hour long trip was turning into an all day excursion, why they hell not try BCF too!

Well, we hit the jackpot. Not only did they have uniforms but they had a section dedicated to uniforms! They didn't have everything that we needed because she is a size very small and most of the stuff was for bigger kids but we came out with a pink button down, a white polo, tan pants, tan jumper, navy jumper and navy tennis dress. We also got her some black mary janes and tights.

Now here is the awesome part. Since we were in BCF, we looked at the winter coats. Elizabeth walked out with an adorable warm pink one and Christopher with a blue, grey and green.

We are going back on Wednesday to see if we can find anything else there. If not, I will order the rest online!


First bus ride to school

>> Thursday, September 4, 2008

Elizabeth took the bus for the first time today. After it pulled away... the tears came for me. Ahhh it's not fair they grow up so fast!!


First Day of School

>> Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok so yes I did cry but I waited until we were walking back to the car, then I couldn't help it anymore. I cried for 5 mins. chris took me out to lunch to make me feel better.

She had a great day. When we got back, they were playing outside. We went inside and waited in the foyer for them to come in. There was still a few minutes before school was out so they all went inside, two by two holding hands. She didn't even notice us! lol

They let the kids out one by one to their parents at 2:45 and the rest wait until 3:10 to be put on the bus by the teacher. The buses even have harnesses for all the kids under 7 because of state law.

We were going to buy her some new school clothes today but decided to wait until the weekend which was a good thing because she goes to a magnet school (Arts) and they have a dress code. Only solid colours, no tshirts collared only. No jean or denim.


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