>> Thursday, May 8, 2008

I got my order from ELF today

Here is the rundown

The liquid eyeliner is very easy to put on. It's not a pen but the brush which makes it so much nicer
The eye pencil works fine and comes with a sharpener as well
The eye widener(white) also comes with a sharpener
The lip gloss stick is very nice. The colour is subtle and it goes on smooth not sticky
I got the two in one mascara with both reg and waterproof and again it is fine
The shadow goes on smooth and doesn't seem to make those weird crease lines

The mineral makeup is about the only thing I wasn't impressed with

All in all, for a buck this stuff is good! I mean its not MAC or anything but when you only pay a dollar you really can't expect that!

This would be great for a person like my SIL who loves makeup and lots of colours and can't afford name brands or for a person who never wears makeup and wants something for a special occasion.

I think it was about 2 weeks for my order to come in.

I give e.l.f. 3 stars

This was my order
1 2117 New Moisture Care Lip Color Cherry Tart
1 2004 Brightening Eye Color Nouveau Neutrals
1 1713 Natural Lash Kit
1 2003 Brightening Eye Color Silver Lining
1 1712 Eye Widener White
1 1402 Earth & Water Mascara Duo Brown
1 4205 Waterproof liquid eyeliner Ash
1 1005 Brightening Eye Liner Ash
1 6101 Fair Foundation (for porcelain skin and neutral undertones)

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