>> Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ohhh we had SUCH a good day yesterday!! We drove up to Canadian border, popped into Duty free just to look at prices. ($50 bucks for a carton of Canadian cigarettes.. it is over $100 for a carton in my hometown!). From there we drove down over Lake Champlain into VT and down past Burlington over to where Ben and Jerrys, Cabot Creamery and Green Mountain coffee is.

We first went to Cabot and got an amazing deal! We got a 30 month aged Cheddar 2lb block for $7 dollars! To compare for you, in Walmart a 1/2 lb block of just reg Cabot is $3 bucks. Chris also bought me a shaker of Cabot popcorn cheddar cheese because I love cheesy popcorn LOL.

From there we went to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory and it was their winter festival day! Free cones and free factory tours! They usually don't run production on the weekends but did for the festival so we got to see them making the ice cream. Apparently I didn't get the memo it was spoil mom day but it was. Chris bought me a stainless steel coffee mug at B&J's because I don't have a travel mug and yay 25% off so we only paid $8 for it

After B&J we went to Green Mountain coffee to pick up some beans. We got Sumatra and Costa Rica beans(two that aren't sold in stores here) and we also got a coffee from the cafe for the trip home. Large Latte....$3.50! And it was better than any $12 dollar cup at SB! We made our way through Montpelier just to see the area and onward home.

Oh and about spoil mom day, Chris bought that cheese and shaker JUST because I like sharp cheddar and he didn't even think he would like it. I said why would you buy me a whole block of cheese? He told me that he knows I like the sharp cheddar and he knows I've been so depressed lately, especially after hearing my parents aren't coming this summer and I'm always sacrificing for everyone else that he wanted to do just for me. So I happily accept my new travel mug and my very yummy cheese :) I'm glad we didn't spent too much either, the guilt of that would of killed my happiness. Plus he does like the cheese so yay, he gets to share :)


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