From New Jersey to New Hampshire, throw in a little Vermont and you are a long distance Traveller!

>> Sunday, September 19, 2004

We don't have a weight check this month. Your so active now! You started to crawl and last night Daddy found you standing in your crib! Time to move the mattress down! I am amazed by what you do and say now! Your new words are bye bye, uh oh, and no! You even wave when you say bye bye.

You were a big hit in Long Island! Everyone loved you! It was a long drive but you did great!

You survived your first weekend away from home and after a little battle, your finally back to your schedule. Even though its September and the leaves are all changing to bright beautiful colours, its still nice and warm out. We can take more walks now and I enjoy listening to you talk as we go for a stroll.

You've gone through all the stage 1 foods, and although you didn't like bananas or peaches, everything else was pretty good. You've started stage 2 and like pretty much everything you've had! Especially turkey and rice!

Our car broke down so we sold it and we bought a new car! We had to drive all the way to New Hampshire to pick it up! Although it didn't have a radio, and that sucked for the long ride home, its a nice red 2000 Ford Focus. Daddy loves it! This car makes us happy because its a lot safer for you.

It was a busy month, full of new tastes and accomplishments.

I love you Elizabeth!

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