To whom it may concern.

>> Saturday, May 22, 2010


I would like to take this moment to address all of those with unsolicited advice. I really don't care if when YOU were a kid it was ok and encouraged to smoke while pregnant, beat your children and basically leave them unattended to roam the neighborhood. I don't really care if you fed your kids lead paint or steak and potatoes at 1 month old or that you left them in the back yard all day. I don't care if you think it's ok for a child to get bullied at school, sorry but that is NOT a learning experience for life. It's what makes serial killers. I certainly don't care if you think its fine to let a 5 yr old walk a mile to school by themselves. And please don't tell me its fine to leave my kids belted in the car without car seats. I know you just threw your kids in the truck but my kids, my rules.

This is 2010, not 1954. In case you haven't been paying attention, the world has changed. Remember the kid that went missing and presumed dead when you were a kid? Yeah it was the "happily married" pedophile that lived down he street. There are MORE people in the country right now and sorry but the facts are that many of those can and will hurt children. It isn't a myth, it is a fact. We don't turn a blind eye anymore.

Just because things were acceptable back in the 40's does not mean they are acceptable or will be tolerated now. It is called GROWING UP! Evolution of life, if you will. Oh and by the way, if you don't have children and you still try to tell me how to raise MY kids, I believe I have the right to punch you in the face.

Thank you.


A clean break... almost

>> Friday, May 21, 2010

So maybe late May is too late for a New Years resolution and really this isn't a resolution at all. It is time to take a break. Not my marriage or anything like that but a break from this relationship I have with my computer.

I usually get up and turn the computer on first thing in the morning. I sit in front of the computer until it's time to take Eli to the bus, then again until usually noon. I'm tired of it. What is the point?

I've made a commitment to myself to spend a half hour on the computer. Whatever I need to get done, I can so in 30 minutes. Do I need to play 8 facebook games? Hell no! I picked 3 of my favorite games and that is it. (Don't worry Fairyland friends, I'll try to keep my garden stocked so you can still find critters)

It is too nice to be stuck inside all day on the computer! I had such a great day yesterday outside in my chair with a book. My phone keeps me in touch with friends, I can still check or post FB statuses if I want without being tied to my desktop.

Here's to a nice break from my desktop! I love you but I think we need to part ways for a while. Mother Nature is calling.


What a wonderful Mothers Day weekend!

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

I was so happy to have Chris home for the whole weekend! Saturday was the start of my Mothers Day. Chris took me to Uncle Sam's for some hand dipped chocolate, then he dropped Elizabeth and I off at Walmart to get our shopping done and told us both to get our hair cut! Yes, I had Elizabeth's LONG locks chopped off! She looks adorable. I also got the same shoulder length cut and I added some wispy bangs as well! After shopping, Chris took us to Sorentino's Market and Deli to get a couple AMAZING subs for a late lunch/early dinner. Later on that evening Dave, Steph and the kids came over with pizza. The kids played and the adults tried to watch The Hangover.

Sunday morning, the kids let me sleep in until almost 10am! I got up and start on the potato salad I was making for Steph's house then made chocolate chip pancakes for the kids and I. We went over to Dave and Steph's house for their daughter Nala's 6th birthday party. We had a great time, lots of laughs and the kids had so much fun running around and playing.

After we left their house, Chris took me to Walmart to buy me a new tripod!! Unfortunately they didn't have the one we were looking for but I didn't leave empty handed. We bought a little ceramic pot for the plant Elizabeth brought me from school, some soil and Chris spotted some tomato and strawberry hanging basket kits! We also picked up some pumpkin seeds. I can't wait for the seedlings to sprout and we can plant the pumpkins in the garden and hang the baskets!

What a great mothers day!


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