Burrowing into my brain

>> Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Christopher, who STILL can't talk, has learned to express himself with this amazing high pitched squeal that makes my blood boil! I wonder if it is possible for a child to permanently damage his own mothers ears? Even when the house is quiet, I hear it. When I'm in the shower and I know he is asleep, I hear it. I'm not totally unconvinced that my children have snuck into my room late at night, knocked me out with that weird yet pleasant smell of a cabbage patch(it must be chloroform) then drilled into my brain and inserted a device to make only me and dogs hear this squeal 24/7.

At the same time, this ear piercing sound that comes from his lungs has deafened Elizabeth to the point where she can only hear the words Play and Ice Cream. Do I sound like the adults from Charlie Brown when I talk? I know I talk fast but I'm pretty sure I am speaking clearly! Pick up your toys. Simple right? Straight forward? Maybe that one is too difficult lets try "Who wants Ice Cream?" Ahh there we go. Full attention! She is still young, is it possible to change the meaning of words? Can I change Ice Cream to mean it's bedtime!? Lets also change Chocolate to Stop taking your brothers toys and making him screech!!!

Sometimes I wish I drank more!

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