She walks... She talks... She is... growing up :(

>> Monday, January 10, 2005

Well Christmas and New Years have come and gone. Man did you get spoiled at Christmas! Grammie and Grampie, Aunt Melly, Aunt Shelly and Beth and Aunt Carol are so generous!

You got so many new cute clothes, a new snow suit, a little touch leap pad with book, rocknplay piano, peekablock wagon, peekablocks from Santa, Pooh activity ride on car, a big and a little Care Bear, a soft baby, and fisher price star stacker! I know I'm probably forgetting something because you got so much!

You started walking 3 days ago! 4 steps to mumma was the first steps ever! Now you just get up and go when you want! You still crawl lots but I'm happy to see you try and take steps all by yourself! Your so smart Elizabeth!

Your 1st birthday is just around the corner and it makes me so happy and yet so sad! The last year has been so amazing. I can't imagine life without you! You've made each and every day so full of joy. I'm sad because your growing up too fast. Before I know it, college!

I love you so much Elizabeth. You will never know until you experience this kind of love when you have your own child.

I feel so blessed to be your mother.

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