>> Sunday, January 12, 2014

I have thought a lot about making honest resolutions for the year.  Yes, I need to lose weight.  Yes, I need to get in shape.  I don't want to resolve to do those, they should be done regardless of a new year. I am really going to make a lifestyle change this year but I am doing it for me, not for 2014.

So what will be my resolution?  I have thought about a few that will not only be for me but for my family as a whole.  

First, I want to capture the kids over the year.  I will take one photo of them a day then at the end of the year put them all together in a video montage to show how they change so much in a short time. 

Second, With Chris' late work night we have gotten into a horrible habit of the kids eating at the dinner table and the parents eating in the living room.  I hate it, I really do.  My second resolution is to eat dinner at the table every night and Sunday breakfast.  Chris still works late, but I can still eat with the kids.  He has been making more of an effort to get home by 6:15 and I have pushed dinner back 30 mins to accommodate him.

Third is meal planning/grocery budgeting. This is something I did every week but for some reason, during flag football season, this started to dissolve.  It is so much easier to plan meals ahead of time and make sure I have supplies than to figure it out that day and struggle with limited groceries.  This also leads me to my fourth...

Fourth resolution is to make 4 or 5 frozen meals a month for the days when life just gets too busy.  I will have something I can quickly toss in the oven or slow cooker without any prep.  Extra batches of spaghetti and meatballs, a lasagna, some soup, even pre marinated chicken pieces would be great.  

So that is my plan. Easy ideas to make my life a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable.  

Oh and a small #5... Blog again.  I miss it! 


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