Freaking ebay

>> Monday, May 5, 2008

So I'm trying to bid on a Wilton decorating tip set and I have lost out 3 times. I have one more I'm bidding on now and ohhh if I don't win I'm going to cry! OK so I lots of people lose what they are bidding on, even the person I just outbid but come on. I just want the tip set! LOL Something has to give! I know there are ebay stalkers out there. You know, the ones who wait until there is only 2 mins left in the auction before swooping in and snagging it right from under you! Really, if you are an ebay stalker, get a life!

On a happier note, my rhubarb roots should be coming today! Yay! I hope it warms up a bit and stops with the freeze warnings in the morning so I can go plant it. Hmmm rhubarb pie! Kinda makes your mouth get all juicy and tingly doesn't it!?

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