New House!

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Everything has been hectic around here since we learned of Chris' promotion. Tuesday, we went to scope out the area a bit. We saw one townhouse but it was more of a last resort then anything we considered. We were hoping on one house that we both really liked from its description and the street view of the outside on google maps. We met with the landlord, Tammy, on Sunday. We did a house tour and discussed the lease. She wanted time to call Mike and talk to him about us and check a couple of our other references before she made her decision. We met up with her later on that day, after driving around for an hour or so looking at schools and whatnot. We did another walk through and signed the papers! We will get the keys on the 15th and move in around that time as well, depending on Chris' schedule.

A couple photos of our new home.

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