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>> Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I was reading Dooce tonight and saw the clip of her interview on the Today show. They were talking about the aspects of a Digital Mom.

I know I am very much a Digital Mom. Everything I do is on the computer. 80% of my life is digital! My small work at home job, my hobbies, my family and friends!

Let's start with my job, since it is a very small part of my life. It is more of a hobby that earns me a little money here and there. I blog for a child photography website when I can and I also work for answering questions that people text in from their cell phones.

My hobbies are photography which is all done digitally. I rarely ever get prints made and when I do, they are usually larger frame size rather then 4x6's. I also do digital scrapbooking which can be printed into photo books but also put on DVD slideshow.

Finally my Family and Friends. Using Facebook, I stay in touch with many members of my family and friends from back home. I also belong to 3 private message boards with women I met on Ivillage during my pregnancies. The friendships made on these messages boards and the bonds we have created is just as strong if not more so then with friends I have outside of the computer. I really feel I can tell these women anything and know I will have support from them. I love how we share our children's lives and how even though most of us are hundreds of miles apart we are very close!

It is really amazing how the internet has connected so many people. I always wonder how many other digital moms are out there thinking the exact same thing. How does this digital world work in their lives.

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