For the love of Shopping!!

>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

We were going to go out browsing for new furiture today but didn't get past our computers.

Chris started looking online for beds and came out with an amazing deal! had a king size Serta memory foam mattress, box spring and frame on sale for $1199.99, no sales tax with free shipping! We grabbed it right away! We had sampled mattresses at a local place last week and this was the same as one that I feel in love with at almost $1200 cheaper!

To go with our new mattress set, we hopped over to for some bedding and came out with a set of 4 king size pillows, duvet, sheets and this duvet cover set

A quick hope over to for the following
Two desks

Two Chairs

TV Stand for the living room

and living room tables

We still need a sofa and we didn't order a dining room set yet because Walmart was sold out but we will pick this up at a local store.

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