What a weekend!!

>> Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friday afternoon, I started to feel ill. The kids had both been sick on Wednesday, throwing up and fever but got over it pretty quickly. Now I know moms are suppose to be Super Women even when ill but I am NOT! When I get sick, I get hit hard.

Friday, outside at the bus stop really did me in. I was feeling queasy and was starting to feel flushed and had a headache coming on. By the time we got back into the house, I needed to lay down. I pretty much stayed on the couch for the until the next day except for the necessary trips to the kitchen to get the kids food and drink, get them off to bed and of course trips to the bathroom! By the time Chris got home at 10:30, after hitting a dead deer on the road(more on that later), my fever was 101.7 and rising despite taking Tylenol. By the next day, my fever had come down and I was no longer throwing up but still felt pretty blah and worn out.

So the deer. Yes the deer. When Chris was on his way home, he saw a car stopped IN the middle of the road. He took the empty lane on the right only to realize too late there was a freshly killed deer in the road!! The car had stopped BESIDE the deer forcing all traffic into that lane (a-holes!). Chris hit the "business" end as he called it so the car was covered in blood, hair and well poop!

He had to go through a road block shortly after and let the cops know about the deer. One of them took a peek at the car, made a nasty face, and told him he better go to the car wash because it was pretty gross. Thanks Officer Obvious! Lucky, there was no damage done to the car!

It is now Sunday night, one child is in bed and the other is in the tub stalling before she has to go to bed. I am waiting for 8pm to sit down with my husband and watch The Simpsons and Family Guy.

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