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>> Monday, March 31, 2008

Many know I run two private message board but also belong to a couple public high profile boards. One of them was my expecting/playgroup when I had Christopher. Over a year ago, one of the regular members lost her marbles. She went crazy on me and a bunch of other women over and over in different hot topics. It got so bad that some of us left and formed a private(mentioned above)board.

In the 16 or so months, this lady or Troll as she is known has become more and more of a problem to the ladies left on the public board. Her craziness has included by not limited to name calling, impersonation of others and impersonating herself blaming it on others, making wild accusations, strange stories about her personal life. She has been banned numerous times but creates new names and comes back.

I find it very sad that this troll has nothing better to do with her life but am fascinated by her boldness and insane behavior! It is like watching a train wreck. Can't.look.away.

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