Talk child Talk!!

>> Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ok I know the first rule of being a mommy of two is never to compare one with the other but damn it I can't help it!

Elizabeth at 18 months was talking and expressing herself with at least 50 words and small two/three word sentences. At times she would never shut up but at least she had something to say.

This boy of mine is another story. 18 months and only 4 words. He can't(won't?) express himself any other way then grunting, pointing and eventually crying when he gets frustrated with me not understanding.

I teach him the same why I taught her. Repeating words and showing him what the mean over and over in hopes he will start to mimic me. Usually he either looks at me and laughs or cries because he is sick of me talking and just wants his damn juice already!!

I am at a loss here. I know "enjoy the silence while you can" but there is no silence with him! It's all day long screaming and whining trying to get what he wants.


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