>> Friday, March 14, 2008

I am so glad it is Friday. I never thought sleeping in until 6:30 would be so great! I have the weekend off and unfortunately don't plan on relaxing until Sunday. My house is in desperate need of a good clean and I have a pile of laundry that won't wash it self no matter how much I beg. Saturday, we will do our shopping for the week which is of course my favorite activity! I have to do the oh so stealth easter shopping in plain view of Elizabeth. I can see this whole Easter Bunny thing isn't going to last long in our house. She isn't stupid and catches on that the stuff the easter bunny left her is exactly the same as the stuff mommy put in the cart a week before! Oh well.

I'm torn on what to do this year. I do want to decorate eggs, but I also want to do an easter egg hunt. I wanted plastic eggs for the hunt because of the incident last year when we lost a hard boiled egg for an hour and my anxiety was out of control. I should draw a map of where I put them all. Maybe we will decorate a dozen and I can bring my father in law his much loved deviled eggs. Hey, I'll be long gone before he starts farting! Not my problem!

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