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>> Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm watching my SIL's son while she works and at first I was very apprehensive. First of all, he gets here at 4:30am. I'm not a morning person so this part scared me the most. Second, he doesn't really know me all that way. A few family occasions but no real time. Third, having my own two here PLUS another one, I wasn't sure how it would all play out.

Yesterday was great. He sat quietly and watched TV until Chris got up at 6:30. We had breakfast, kids played and at 10:30 I put Christopher in his crib, Elizabeth went to the office to watch tv quietly and I put Julian down on a little bed made out of blankets in the living room with me. In about 15 minutes he was out. He slept until 1, had some lunch and played nicely until his mom picked him up at 3:30.

Today was pretty much the same except he napped when he got here until 7:30. I'm hoping he will still take a nap but I'm going to push it back to 11:30.

Hopefully, he will get used to this routine quickly. He loves playing with the kids and listens very well.

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