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>> Sunday, March 30, 2008

Every married woman can relate to me at one point in their marriage I'm sure. A husband who fights you on something silly just for the sake of it.

Chris' parents are coming over for a very early dinner. Chris is making his pot roast. I figured that dessert (like always) would be put in my care. I was thinking maybe a bumble berry pie or the chocolate cream cheese cake that my Father in law loves. Thinking more on the subject and remembering the amazing girl scout simosas.

*Back to the story, after this quick commercial break*
Now, if you haven't tried them I suggest you start stalking (ok really don't do that, its creepy) girl scouts until they give up the goods(cookies, you freaks!) They are little coconut gifts from heaven!

So, that got me thinking about a coconut cream pie. I showed Chris the recipe and asked his opinion. I got the 'why do we need dessert' line. Umm, it's not polite to invite people for dinner without a dessert!? We may be poor but we aren't living in a van down by the river eating government cheese(ok well we do eat government cheese but that's another story). This got me all sorts of pissed off, much to his amusement I'm sure.

Yesterday after work, he picked the kids and I up and we headed to the store. He reminded me to write the ingredients from the coconut cream pie that we needed down so we wouldn't forget anything. He was probably planning this all along.

In the end, we settled on a chocolate crumb crust and HE made the filling last night. Why oh why do we have to do the little piss off Bran dance first? I think he likes to see me turn purple and give him the silent treatment because I only do that when I'm pissed and it's his own moments of peace.

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