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>> Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chris and I finally finally finally went to America's Best. Their deal is just too good to pass up. We both paid 99 bucks for the next three years of eye exams and that includes 10% off any future glasses we buy. I got a year supply of contacts and two pair of glasses for 170 dollars. Chris got 2 pair of glasses, one tinted into sunglasses and 1 month supply of contacts. Now because his contacts are custom and his glasses were tinted and have ultra thin lenses, his was 400. All in all it was a way better deal then we ever got before. We stopped by Target after and picked up some sunglasses to wear with our contacts because we need to be totally cool when we go out.

Now, because I'm wearing my contacts again I thought it was important to enhance my eyes. I picked up an Almay eyeliner and mascara in the "for brown eyes" section. They are both a dark purple which scares me a little but we will see how it looks.

I am excited today because tonight we are going out for dinner then to a hockey game. NO KIDS!! My friend Sarah and her bf are going to come wrangle my kids from 4 until 11! Chris and I haven't been out on a date since last summer so we are both looking forward to tonight. We just hope we make it ok, with the 8 inches of snow we got overnight. I'm ready for spring!

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