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>> Thursday, June 19, 2008

So we've talked about the Great Escape and the Penis Perv, Christopher's newest funny move is during diaper changes, especially when changing his clothes too. He likes to get up, naked, and run a victory lap around the living room, do a little bum shake then come settle down to get his new diaper on. He really cracks me up. He has such a funny sense of humour. If Elizabeth isn't going to be an actress, Christopher will be in stand up!

I didn't have Julian yesterday so we had a fun relaxing day at home. It was a bit rainy and cold so we had to stay inside. Watch the Curious George movie(twice) and I made some very yummy chicken on the grill with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. If you haven't tried it, get some! It is so good! I don't usually buy sauce, I make my own and was planning on it right up until it was time to cook then I remembered the Sweet Baby Ray's Chris bought to try. I recommend it and will keep some in my pantry for the days I don't feel like making my own sauce.

I will leave you all with this INSANE CRAZY YouTube video my dad sent me.

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