On the Road!

>> Monday, June 30, 2008

My parents are on their way. They left this morning and are driving half way to Seattle. They will stop in a little town called Marrit BC and spend the night then finish the trip to Redmond Washington tomorrow morning. They are excited to stay the week at my Aunts and have lots planned. The usual shopping, nature walks my dad loves and eating my Aunt's wonderful cooking they also have a big treat planned. Wednesday night, they are going to watch the Seattle/Toronto baseball game! Friday, they will spend the 4th having a picnic at the park with a big bucket o' chicken, watching the fireworks.
After the weekend, on Tuesday they will fly to Chicago then on to Albany. Arriving late Tuesday night, they plan on heading straight to the hotel. The next morning they will come over for breakfast and our vacation with them starts!

I am so excited for next week to come! I'm sure I will be posting tons of pictures and bore you with 50 animals at the zoo and 60 shots from around the Baseball Hall of Fame. Be warned!

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