Just a tad bit of confusion makes a very unhappy little girl!

>> Friday, June 27, 2008

When we do our BIG shopping at Walmart, I usually give Elizabeth two bucks to buy herself and her brother a treat. She usually gets two of the cookie to go containers. Chocolate chip for her and Teddy Grams for her brother.
Well she was looking in my wallet and there are two bills in there. She wants them badly. Problem is..... they are both 100's LOL
She doesn't understand the difference between the 1 dollar and 100! Why can't American's have coloured money and loonies and twoonies!? It would be SO much easier to tell her she can't have the "brown one" (Canadian hundred) and has to have the "gold coin" (loonie).

Come on people, work with me here! I hate your green money, (do not let this statement confuse you. I love to SPEND your green money)! Put some colour into it!

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