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>> Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My parents will be here on the 8th(well at my house on the 9th) of July. We are so excited! This is the first time they have come during the summer and the first time we can actually do stuff. Their first visit was at Christmas, it was cold. Their second visit was when Christopher was born and well spending 3 days in the hospital then at home with the baby, we didn't get to do much outside the house.

This time, however, we have plans to go to an orchard to pick fresh berries(pie anyone?) going to the local wild animal farm and even to Cooperstown to see the Baseball Hall of Fame and Farmers Museum! Of course, some days shopping and touring the area too.

My parents rented a minivan so we can all go in one car, although Chris will be working most of the time who needs him. As long as the kids and I fit!

I know my parents are going to be amazed with how much the kids have grown. They see them on webcam often but enjoying how crazy and goofy my kids are in real life is a truly loud fun experience!

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