Let them eat cake!!

>> Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wedding cake that is! I know there are thousands of people who disagree with me but I think it is wonderful that some states are getting out of the dark ages and allowing same sex marriage! There are many people, family and friends of mine, who think this is just the biggest insult to God and his people but I think Love is LOVE! God gave us the gift of love and I believe would be happy for those who share their love and are not killing each other.

This is 2008, we have all evolved, we have grown with technology, with our changing ever adapting world. I love the people that argue that its not the Christian way, well folks, not everyone is Christian! I was not married "in the house of God" does that make my marriage any less valid then the people down the street who were married in the Church? I don't think so! Why does everyone have to follow what one basic religion says? There are many many religions that all believe the same basic rules and some that believe totally different rules. Who is to say which is the RIGHT way or if there even is a true calling? Does that make everyone else liars?

I think its wonderful to see more people committed to each other. Declaring their love and uniting. Two people, be it man and man, woman and woman or woman and man, should be allowed equal rights. It is better to be in a loving committed same sex marriage then to be all holier then thou, going to church on Sunday but are having an affair with your secretary on Monday!

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