No one is smiling at the Small Smiles Pedetric Dentist office.

>> Thursday, April 3, 2008

The first time we went, we had a male hygienist and male dentist after I said "please no men, she is scared of strange men" so of course she flipped right out.

The second time, we had a female hygienist but the same male dentist. The hygienist was snapping at her for crying telling her to 'SIT STILL NOW!" Which put Elizabeth over the edge to be yelled at when she was already terrified.

I had scratch marks all over my legs from Elizabeth digging her shoes into my legs trying to climb up on me to get away and bruises on my arms from her holding and pinching me so hard with her hands.

The whole experience was so stressful.

Now when you think of someone who works with children. They are usually gentle and try to put the kids at ease right? The dentist here is a HUGE man and very very loud. Elizabeth was scared of him right away. The woman hygienist was very uncaring and crass. They in no way even tried to calm Elizabeth down before trying to open her mouth and shining lights in her face. Oh and neither wore face masks either.

I recently canceled our last appointment, two weeks ago due to a scheduling issue with Chris's new job. I was so thankful because this is all over the news this week.

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