>> Tuesday, April 8, 2008

After going over our new budget, months of envy of my friends Becky and Marissa and Jules, the time has come. I am buying myself a Digital SLR.

I am looking at getting This Camera

My dad is giving me a 70-200 mm lens. My uncle (the amazing photographer) suggested (copied from his email to me)

* Do get a flash. That Speedlite 430 EX is a really good one.
* Make sure you have at least a 2 gig CF card. That will give you lots of room. I like to have two cards.
* Also get an extra battery. That way you always have one charged battery in your pocket. The extra I bought is an Optex which about half the price of a Canon.
* That 18-55 lens is very good one. Maybe add a 75-300 some day.
* And any lens must have a Skylight Filter. They don't change the picture much but they protect the lens.

I will get one of the memory cards and the skylight filter, when I buy the camera and hopefully the extra battery and memory card later. Maybe I can get the flash for Christmas and maybe I can get an 75-300 lens next year.

This is the first time I will be buying something like this from MY own money. Not a gift or something shared with Chris but all of my own. I am very excited. I have a couple friends I know would LOVE free photography sessions so I can practice LOL

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