Big Love

>> Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Love on HBO has been on for two seasons now and I just love this show. It makes me think though, could I ever live a plural marriage? One side of me says no way. Too much jealousy! The other part thinks hmm a couple more wives would help out! The family unity is very appealing, 3 or 4 parents instead of just 2.

Compound life with 50 yr olds marrying 13 yr olds is so far extreme. I wonder if the FLDS would agree to an age limit of waiting until girls are 18 to marry if they were legally allowed to live plural lives? If there was an age limit, what would be the harm in allowing men to have multiple wives? Let them marry legally within the laws. Their must be some common ground that can be reached. I understand they believe it is God's way but really if they were able to, could they not wait a few years? As it is now, they are marrying illegally anyway so what do they care. Perhaps a commitment ceremony to bind them without marriage until marriage is allowed. It could be some way to stop the marriage of young girls to older men, so things like what happened in Texas doesn't happen again. It would have to be a joint commitment from the FLDS communities as well as the government.

Ahh only in my little perfect world I have going on in my head I guess.

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