Whiney Wednesday

>> Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wah wah wah it is only Wednesday! For fun, lets timeline my day so far.

2am. Christopher started fussing so I thought I should hurry, get him a bottle and hope he goes back to sleep right away. I go into get him, bottle warmed and ready and he does NOT want to get out of bed. Well, I'm already committed so I pick him up and bring him to the couch. He just wants to snuggle and takes his suckie. I asked if he wanted to go back to bed and he nodded his head. I tried to give him his bottle again but he refused. I got him back in his crib and he took his bottle then, drank 4 oz then fell asleep. Ok cool he is out. Lets hope he stays out.
I didn't bother going back to bed since Julian would be coming in an hour. I grab my pillow and head to the couch, setting my alarm on my cell. It seemed like 2 mins later, my alarm goes off

3:10am. I get Julian's bottle ready for when he gets here and start watching tv.

3:30am. SIL sends me a text that she is running late. Great.

4am. SIL comes and drops Julian off. He drinks his bottle and falls asleep while I am laying there WIDE awake. I finally fall asleep around 5.

6am. Chris gets up and goes to the bathroom, in the meantime waking up Christopher.
So again I'm up getting Christopher's morning bottle and diaper change.
I lay back down and close my eyes while Christopher plays and Julian sleeps.

7am. Chris is up...and late. He slept in. The kids are up and playing in Elizabeth's room.

8am. Chris is leaving for work. Hugs and Kisses all around to all the kids and Chris says "Elizabeth was messing with the printer and broke it" Umm ok? I'm suppose to do something about that? Fine I'll fix it

8:30am. Elizabeth is in trouble for breaking the printer, crying on time out. Christopher is wanting my attention and crying. Julian is at the table not wanting to eat his cereal bar and crying. I'm looking up cheap flights for myself and only myself to Cancun.

9am. I go fiddle with the printer and find a dried up piece of banana (thanks Elizabeth), pluck that out. Printer is fixed. My hands are black from toner but it is fixed.

10am. Christopher is in his room, Julian is on his bed, Elizabeth is in the playroom. Now, is 10am too early for an apple martini? It is 5 somewhere right? I have tequila! Anyone up for some mid-morning body shots?

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