Boxes and Bags

>> Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The packing has begun. Mike and Elizabeth's teacher brought over a whole bunch of boxes for us and Chris bought some of those space bags, which I love!

Yesterday we were in vacuum pack heaven. I used 2 jumbo, 4 extra large, 5 large and 1 medium bags. I have a few left for the last of our laundry just before we move. My closet looks funny with all these suctioned bags of clothes and teddy bears!

I've packed the toys, books and school supplies, my books, our dvd's and videos games and all of the bathroom stuff.

Not bad start and we still have a week and half to go. We do need more boxes though, I am running out!!

I also took Christopher's crib apart to sell it and put Elizabeth's toddler frame in his room for the time being.

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