Our home is nearly ready!

>> Friday, April 24, 2009

Yesterday I finished the unpacking and moving the rest of the boxes into the basement. Chris will be home tonight! Tomorrow we need to go to the old apartment and clean up, get some groceries and home to set up the coffee and end tables, as well as the dining room table. When we are done, our home will be ready!

We are having a beautiful warm day. The garage is already quite warm but the house is nice and cool! I don't think we will need the central air much this summer if they house stays this cool all the time.

The kids are having a grand time in the sun room with all their big ride on toys and the art supplies. Elizabeth is working on a masterpiece for Daddy's homecoming.
He will get home way after bedtime so it will be an exciting treat to see him in the morning.

My back has suffered a lot with this move. I am in almost constant pain right now in the middle of my back and hope that it is just strain that will heal itself with rest. We will bring our old good shower head from the old house tomorrow. It has a massage setting which brings a powerful pulse that feels good on the back.

Chris has had an awful week as interim manger in North Adams. The store he is working at is a mess of disorganization. He is trying hard to get organized for the permanent manger and of course, Chris being Chris, he needs to make sure that everything is done to perfection. He can't wait to be home tonight but is dreading going back on Monday. We both hope this won't last the whole 4 weeks. Two is enough!

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