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>> Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We are officially moved! I am still unpacking so I won't say moved *in* but we are half way there. The new bed came today! There is something magical about a king size bed. It looks so big and beautiful in our room! I stressed about this bed for the last two days because I wasn't sure it would fit down the stairs! The men who moved it in were a little worried too until they took it out of the box and realized how flexible the mattress was!

Besides our new bed, I am fascinated by my new house toys. Ice maker, dishwasher and I adore our built in microwave! We bought a new 4 slice toaster and how did I live with only a 2 slice for so long? I haven't tried the new coffee maker yet because I forgot to get some half/half and well I'm a coffee snob! I need my cream!

Our living room is missing the love seat and end tables. Chris didn't have time Sunday to put them together so this weekend he will be doing that as well as the dining room table. We are loving the used sectional we bough off craig list. I am so happy Chris found it. It looks great in our living room and gives us more sitting room for company. That was a major problem for us in the old house.
The kitchen is slowly coming together. I am finding places for all the necessities and we will buy two plastic shelving units for the basement that I can use for my extra appliances and bulk food storage. The kids rooms are also slowly coming together. I am bringing in the toys today and separating them into the two rooms. Elizabeth is loving her new queen size bed(our old one). The bathroom is part way done. We need to get a new shower head though. The one we have reminds me of a hotel shower head and I don't like it at all. We need one with more pressure. The sunroom and backyard stuff haven't been touched yet and won't for a while.

While I'm doing all the unpacking and organizing, Chris is stuck in Massachusetts. He was told yesterday that they need him in the North Adams store immediately. As in, call your wife to pack you a bag and get to the new store by 4! They fired the old manager and since Chris is almost in a limbo between his current store and the new store opening, they pushed his Manager status through(his raise also! Yay!) and he will be managing North Adams for the next 2-4 weeks. He can come home on the weekends and is staying at a motel during the week. This is good because we can really use his raise right now but the store is a mess and Chris is up to his eyes in paperwork.

All in all the last week has been a whirlwind of change! I hope to have everything unpacked or at least unpacked and the rest in the basement storage by the time Chris gets home on Saturday. I hope to remember to put the trash out tonight! Our first trash day is tomorrow. Weird that I am actually excited about that!

I am taking pictures of the progress of our unpacking and will post later with the finished house.

I love my new home.

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