When do the fabulous fives start?!

>> Thursday, February 19, 2009

We've gone through terrible 2's, terrific 3's, F**Kin' 4's and now Fabulous 5's right! Please tell me they are starting soon because I have had enough of a certian 5 yr old girl NOT LISTENING! Not just not listening but when I say no, she takes that to mean ohh well I'm going to do it anyway!

"Elizabeth DON'T bring the rocking chair into your room"

*I just removed it FROM her room and put it in the closet until further notice... maybe until we have a yard sale and I get rid of it permanently!*

"Elizabeth DON'T leave your full cup of milk on the counter were Christopher can reach it, push it back or drink it"

*I just cleaned up a cup of spilled milk off the floor where Christopher grabbed it then dumped it*

I need a vacation. I hope when she goes back to school next week, things will get back to normal. This week off is killing me!!

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