Lil douche of the day award goes to....

>> Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I know its not politically correct to call my 2 yr old a lit douche but well if the title fits!? I think moms around the world will agree with me.

About 10 minutes ago, Christopher went pee on the potty. I put his Diego underwear back on him and sent him off to play. All is good in toddlerville.

5 minutes ago however.... I heard Christopher in the kitchen messing around with something. I go into investigate and see him and a pile of tea bags. I usually keep the tea bag container on the high shelf but I was in the process of making Chris and I a cup of tea. I asked him what he was doing when he looked up and said....

"I pee pee foor...I keen up"

I will be honest, it took me a couple seconds to realize he had peed on the floor and was using my TEA BAGS to clean up his mess.

Lord, grant me patience.. and please hurry!

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