Life sucks when you are sick and 2 yrs old

>> Friday, February 27, 2009

Christopher started to get the sniffles the other day. Today it is full blown cold! His post nasal drip is leaking into his chest causing quite a nasty cough, to the point of gagging and throwing up. This afternoon he laid with me on the couch, feeling quite warm, and asked to go for a nap. I knew he was sick!

I took his temp, 103. Tylenol got that back down to a more reasonable 100 and he was feeling better. He still wasn't up to normal Christopher standards but he played nicely with his face all flushed.

I put the kids in a warm bath to play before bedtime. I grabbed his warm footie jammies when he got out. To make his day even worse, I zipped up his belly! This poor little guy has been through a lot today! He is crashed out in bed now, hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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