Elizabeth's second term report card

>> Friday, February 6, 2009

The stuff in black was last term and the stuff in Green is this term so you can see where she has improved

1- I am successful
2- I am improving
3- I am experiencing difficulty

Social Skills:
I respect the rights and feelings of others -1 1
I demonstrate adequate attention span- 2 1
I can work and play in a group-1 1

Reading Readiness:
I can recognize my first name-1 1
I can identify letters in my first name-1 1
I can write my name-2 2
I can identify some letters of the alphabet-1 1
I can produce some letter sounds-2 1
I enjoy books and stories-1 1
I start at the front of a book when I pretend to read-2 1

Gross and Fine Motor Development:
I hold crayons, markers, pencils correctly-3 2
I hold scissors correctly-2 1
I colour with control-2 2
I assemble simple puzzles=1 1
I can manipulate zippers, buttons and snaps-2 2
I can manipulate small objects-2 2
I am confident with running, jumping, and climbing-2 1
I can balance and control my body-2 2
I can catch a ball-2 2
I take part in games-2 1
I use materials to build and create-2 1

Math Readiness'
I can identify 9 basic colours-1 1
I can identify 4 basic shapes-1 1
I can identify some numbers-1 1
I can to- 28 39

Teachers Comments:(last term)
Elizabeth has a pleasant personality and is enthusiastic about participating. She is very helpful and dependable in the classroom. Elizabeth is well liked by the other students.

(this term)
Elizabeth has been progressing nicely in Pre-k. She is very cooperative and takes and active part in all our activities

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