Birthdays, sickness and a guitar

>> Friday, February 13, 2009

Elizabeth started getting sick on Sunday. By her birthday, she was feeling better. We took her to school with some cupcakes and all seemed well. At home she had a little grape soda and bleh... threw up all over herself! The poor birthday girl said to her daddy, in the most pitiful voice "I thought this was suppose to be a GOOD day!"

After her shower and jammies she settled down to play with her birthday gifts. Two new games for her leapster from us with a nice charged battery thanks to Nana and Poppa who got her a recharging station for the leapster.

She had half a hot dog and a small peice of cake before heading to bed.

Wednesday, Grammie showed up to surprise Elizabeth! She was very happy to spend an hour with Grammie before school then an hour after school as well. Christopher was happy to play with Grammie all day. Grammie had brought a big bag full of new clothes, stickers,note pads and lots of fun stuff.

Thrusday, the fun continued when Aunt Mel and Julian stopped by to bring Elizabeth a birthday present. A Hannah Montana Guitar! Both the kids love it, and well fight over it of course.

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