What a day!

>> Thursday, September 11, 2008

We had such a busy day yesterday!

We got Elizabeth on the bus at 11am, hopped in the car and headed to walmart. We needed to return the bassinet we got for Christopher because of a recall. Not bad since I was trying to sell it for 45 bucks and the return got us 80!
After that we headed over to BJ's and got the very last Wii in the whole freaking area! I had called all around the day before and BJ's was the only place to have it! When I called, they had two left. When we got there yesterday only one and boy we were lucky because a woman came in line behind us...looking for the same thing!!

Wii in hand(or trunk rather) we headed over to Burlington Coat Factory to get some more uniforms for Elizabeth! We were happy because they just restocked so I got her a pair of navy pants, two more button down white shirts and two more of the blue tennis dress she loves! We also got Christopher two pairs of 24 month jammies. I hope he gets a growth spurt soon because they are about 4-5 inches too long LOL

We headed home and got to the bus stop about 15 mins before she got off. We sat with the other moms, one who handed out lollipops which made Christopher feel like a bad ass because he never had one before. After Elizabeth got off, we headed over to walmart to pick up my prescription, hair ties for Elizabeth, and a wireless router system.

At home, Chris hooked us all up to the wireless. His computer, mine and also the PS3 and Wii!

At 6:30 we had Elizabeth's Pre-K orientation. It was nice but these two women beside Chris would NOT SHUT UP! And one was a real loud mouth! Elizabeth's teach Ms. Fura has a small voice to begin with and with these two ladies talking and about 5 kids that were running around, we could barely hear her! I was proud of Chris though, because he looked ready to go off on the women. Of course when question time came Loud Mouth had to ask questions that Ms. Fura JUST talked about!

We were only out for an hour, came home, gave the kids a hotdog and put them off to bed. It was Wii time for Chris and I!

Along with the Wii Sports, we got three other games when we bought the Wii but you can also download games in the Wii! Chris being totally retro had to get old school Mario 1, 2 and 3! Memories! It has been at least 10 since either of us had played the original Super Mario Brothers but we still remembered all the hidden secrets..in the first two levels LOL. I need to Thank my parents for such a fun amazing toy! Now I'm off to play the boxing game. That is a workout in itself and I love it! Very fun!

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