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>> Friday, September 19, 2008

Chris parked on the street last night because our landlord had his truck in the drive. This morning he went to go to work and saw that. No one around. Thought it was a hit and run.

He came up and got the camera, took pics just as car pulled up and a little old lady, her husband and this young guy got out. They were the ones that hit our car.

Apparently, there was a dump truck in the way, the little old lady tried to go around without seeing if the path was clear or not. The young guy was in his truck in the open lane. She hit him forcing him into our car. When we had come down, they were gone because she was nice enough to take this guy and his kid to drop the kid off at school then came back.

So the Police came, the old lady was found at fault for failing to pass safely or something.

We are waiting for a tow truck to take our car in and a rental. The guy hit our car and bent the steering mount. Bleh

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