Death of a turtle

>> Thursday, September 25, 2008

While we were waiting for Elizabeth's bus yesterday, a turtle came crawling up the sidewalk. Now, this wasn't a normal "wild" turtle, you know the big snapping kind they have around here but rather looked like someone's pet turtle. It was very clean and didn't smell at all.

I picked him up, thinking it was probably belonged to the neighbors son, and put him in the grass in front of their house so it wouldn't get into the street. The yard is surrounded by bushes so I figured it would be safe there.

At 3, when it was time to pick her up at the bus stop, I remembered Mr. Turtle. I crossed the street to see if he was still in the yard when I almost stepped in him... or what was him. He did wander into the street and was crunched badly.

Now I was very upset about this poor turtle. Not really because it was just some turtle but I am sure it was someONE's turtle! I'm guessing he was probably put in the yard thinking he would be OK and eat grass. I regret not putting the turtle in our own fenced back yard :(

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