>> Monday, September 8, 2008

Since Elizabeth goes to a Magnet school, they have a strict dress code. This means uniforms.

Yesterday started off as the shopping day from hell but ultimately didn't end too bad!
Everyone told me to go to Target for uniforms, but they were out. Old Navy next, nada! Chris suggested Burlington Coat Factory as a long shot and since our hour long trip was turning into an all day excursion, why they hell not try BCF too!

Well, we hit the jackpot. Not only did they have uniforms but they had a section dedicated to uniforms! They didn't have everything that we needed because she is a size very small and most of the stuff was for bigger kids but we came out with a pink button down, a white polo, tan pants, tan jumper, navy jumper and navy tennis dress. We also got her some black mary janes and tights.

Now here is the awesome part. Since we were in BCF, we looked at the winter coats. Elizabeth walked out with an adorable warm pink one and Christopher with a blue, grey and green.

We are going back on Wednesday to see if we can find anything else there. If not, I will order the rest online!

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