First Day of School

>> Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok so yes I did cry but I waited until we were walking back to the car, then I couldn't help it anymore. I cried for 5 mins. chris took me out to lunch to make me feel better.

She had a great day. When we got back, they were playing outside. We went inside and waited in the foyer for them to come in. There was still a few minutes before school was out so they all went inside, two by two holding hands. She didn't even notice us! lol

They let the kids out one by one to their parents at 2:45 and the rest wait until 3:10 to be put on the bus by the teacher. The buses even have harnesses for all the kids under 7 because of state law.

We were going to buy her some new school clothes today but decided to wait until the weekend which was a good thing because she goes to a magnet school (Arts) and they have a dress code. Only solid colours, no tshirts collared only. No jean or denim.

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