>> Monday, January 12, 2009

3 years ago our computer died, something to do with the power source. Even thought it was only 2 years old, we were living in the old Broadalbin Hotel at the time and power outages were common. The day the computer died, I cried. All of Elizabeth's photos from my pregnancy to her 18 months where on the computer. I did have some uploaded to a place online but they closed down without any notice(or at least any that I saw!)

I thought all her pictures were gone for good. I had a few but I wanted all those memories. Our memories.

Last night Chris decided to redo his computer. It had been acting up and he wanted to reinstall everything. He wanted to see if the old computer's RAM would fit in his and at the same time he took the old hard drive out. He installed it in his computer.. booted it up and recovered ALL the lost photos!

I am currently uploading 6347 photos on dropshots and then I will burn them all to DVD as well.

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