Ice Storm 08

>> Saturday, December 13, 2008

All over our local news the story is ICE STORM 08! They way they say it, it sounds like there is some major DECISION 08 withdrawals!

A major storm passed through the North East on Thursday and Friday bring lots of Ice, Sleet and Snow to my area. For the most part, Amsterdam got sleet. For those who don't know what sleet is, its basically icy snow caused by snow flakes hitting a warm spot in the atmosphere as they fall, melt then hit a cold zone and freeze again.

Over 217,000 homes and businesses were and are still without power in my area. Warming shelters are up all over and people are trying to stay warm as it could be days before power is restored.

One corner market down the street from where Chris works caught on fire from a live power line that had been down for almost 12 hours before the fire started! The fire dept couldn't do anything about the fire because the line was still live.

Here is a niffy video from our local news station.

I love this, just some raw footage of the damage.
and more raw footage of the fire.

My kids didn't mind though!!

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