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>> Thursday, December 11, 2008

I don't really have anything of importance to say. It is a miserable day outside. Freezing rain/sleet/snow. I am cool with snow, in fact I love it! Snow angels, snow men, watching the kids little cheeks get all rosy as they play! I can't wait to get the camera out there and take some pictures of their snow adventures. I hate ice and sleet. It scares me. The roads and sidewalks become death traps. Trees and power lines get heavy and start to break. It is just a crappy situation when ice is involved.

Elizabeth has a Santa Store at school today. The PTO set it up for the kids to secretly(with mom's money of course) by presents for their family members. Each item is $1-10, most ranging from $1-5. I dug through Elizabeth's piggy bank and found $10 dollars worth of quarters! I added a $5 bill and wrote down $5 for each of us. When she buys her gifts, they will wrap and address it and she can bring it home for under the tree. I think this is a great idea for the kids!

Christopher is finally popping through his missing canine teeth but the process has been long and cranky! He is miserable! Sadly, his big molars are next and neither of us is looking forward to that! He has been in his big boy bed for a couple of weeks now and seems to be doing too except for the issue he has with climbing onto his radiator to look out the window at night and first thing in the morning. I don't know how to break him of this! I guess it could be a lot worse!

Chris got a promotion at work. A small raise and better bonus, but it comes with a price. He is back working in the accounts department, this time as the manager. He started off in accounts last year. The hours are longer 9-9 and the stress is greater. Basically now, he goes around to people's houses to collect the owed money and if not.. he repo's it! Most of the people are pretty good about paying or saying goodbye to their furniture but there is always the asshole who needs to act tough.
The other part of his job means driving the big delivery trucks up and down big steep hills...and well remember the ice I mentioned earlier? I worry. Hopefully, he will get his own store soon and it will be in the area so we don't have to move. I was all set to move earlier in the year but now that Elizabeth is in school and making friends I would prefer to stay here. At least until the school year is over.

I've wrapped almost ALL the presents! I have one more coming in the mail but that is it! Christopher's big gift won't be wrapped but rather put together with a big red bow. We are so lucky to have such caring people in our lives that helped us out tremendously this year. It will be a Merry Christmas in the Boggie house... hopefully Drama free!

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