Pre- Birthday Date

>> Sunday, July 27, 2008

So our date didn't go exactly as planned.

The original plan was to go to Arby's for a quick bite then to see Stepbrother then Dark Knight.

Chris was suppose to be here at 2:30 so he could shower and change after work. He didn't show up until almost 3 which at first I was getting a little annoyed but he had a good excuse. He stopped at this little chocolate shop and got me a box of mixed truffles and dark chocolate almond bark! We left the house just after 3 and went to Red Lobster. He got the king crab legs and I got a strip steak(I can't eat seafood). We also had dessert which pushed us over on our time budget. We ended up missing Stepbrothers but that's ok. We walked around the mall a bit before Dark Knight came on.

Dark Knight, what a movie!! 2.5 hours but not one point in it was there a moment of "when is this movie going to be over?" Heath Ledger... Amazing! Creepy and just an outstanding performance! This was a "must see in theater" movie!

It was really a great birthday date! Tomorrow I'm going to get my hair done at 1! YAY!

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