Maybe an exorcism will help?

>> Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My sweet brown eyed girl has been possessed by some sort of 4 yr old demon! At 12 months old, she used please and thank you. At 2 she would ask nicely for things she wanted. At 3 she had her moments but overall was a pretty polite little girl. Now, 2 weeks into age 4 and she has turned into a nasty, mean little girl.

Demands for this, Demands for that. No manners, not even asking for things. And when she is told no, the head starts turning and pea soup puke flies from her body. Fresh out of holy water, I'm at a loss on what to do.

Her tantrums have become physical. Kicking, screaming, hitting, throwing her 32 pound body all over and even to the point of making herself throw up or holding her breath until she passes out. Half of the time, she throws a fit for no reason at all. She refuses to listen and understand what I say, even if I'm agreeing with her!

An example of her over reaction: I asked her to please put her dirty clothes in the empty basket and I was going to fold the clothes that were clean in the other basket. Fairly simple right? I showed her the basket to put dirty clothes in and went on my way. I saw she was putting her dirty clothes in the basket that was full of clean so I just went over and showed her where to put the dirty clothes. The moment I took a dirty sock out of the clean basket, all hell broke loose. Screaming and crying and kicking. I didn't really understand WHY she was having a fit. I tried to calmly explain again but her screams were too loud and she was in a rage. I had to grab her and hold her so she would stop kicking. After 5 minutes, she was calm. As quickly as it started, she was fine and went on her way putting the clothes properly into the right basket.

Honestly, is laundry that big of a deal? Was all that necessary? These fits happen more and more often. They are triggered by little unimportant details. I don't know what to do to stop this or how to make her understand she doesn't need to freak out. I try and tell her to remain calm and talk to me about her feelings. To talk about what is confusing her to avoid these fits.

I have started to send her to the corner when she starts talking rude and demands things. This has worked for the most part but I don't know when she lost the ability to speak nicely. Explaining over and over, ask nicely for things you want. Use your manners.

Maybe age 5 will be better, but I'm not holding out much hope for that!

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